Are you Thirsty?

Our muscles are like sponges. They are SUPPOSED to be about 80% water. Unfortunately, many of us are chronically dehydrated and that is part of the reason we have aches and pains. If we are properly hydrated, our muscles will have the consistency of a nice firm chicken breast. If we are dehydrated our muscles will be tight and ropey, full of knots and have the consistency more of beef jerky. And really, when was the last time you tried to bend a stick of beef jerky? Jerky does not bend well, it breaks and tears! Our muscles are the same way. When our muscles get these little tears in them, scar tissue forms around them to immobilize them further so they can heal. So it is a long losing battle when it comes to flexibility and being pain free. BUT … if you drink enough water, not only do those muscles become hydrated, they heal faster because blood can flow more freely instead of sludgingly like mud. Nutrients are carried through the body better, so it increases the way your body handles food and beverage all the way down to the vitamin and mineral level. Our organs work better because they are made of muscle too. Hydration also makes the skin more clear and bright and healthy looking/feeling. I can not STRESS enough how important water is to all around good health. 

Are you thirsty Now?