Last year at Fourth of July, the family Adams met on Perdido bay for family fun, boat rides, barbecue, dolphin watching, fishing, swimming and everything else we could imagine.

I had enough forethought to take my essential oils with me to use for first aid “Just in Case”…

All throughout the day, I was saying something along the lines of “I’ve got an oil for that”.

Tummy Ache? – Peppermint
Grouchy Kid? – Peace and Calming
Daves Injured Wrist? – PanAway
Anxiety? – Peace and Calming
Headache? – Lavender and Peppermint
Dave’s injured knee? – PanAway

By the evening, every time someone complained about something, Someone would say “I bet Jen has an oil for that!”

We were all really having fun with it until…

Dinner time comes around and most of the adults are in the kitchen prepping the burgers and stuff for the grill, when we hear a splash and then screaming.

Step-Mom-in-Law (SMIL) was down at the pier so that means one of the kids went into the water off the pier. We start running.

Eyeing a splashing child in the water, we weren’t even sure which one it was, but it was at least one of the older ones. It was my niece Madeline. Then she started screaming bloody murder. Our first thought was that she had a muscle cramp.

Dave dove in from the side of the bay without removing his clothes.
Brittany dove in from the pier.
Both racing to help Madeline with whatever the problem was.
I start shouting for someone to go get me a jar of pickles.
Pickle juice is good for muscle cramps because it is high in electrolytes and minerals like potassium and magnesium.

Madeline is still screaming!

Dave wins and gets Madeline out of the water, and manages to figure out what was going on.
Mom in law finally gets into the water to help.

By this time, every one makes it to the pier and under the shower. At which point we figure out that she had swam through a bloom of either stinging sea weed or jelly fish.

I have the jar of pickles. They have vinegar in them right? That’s the first aid for stings too so I start bathing her in pickle juice and hollering for a bottle of vinegar.

No one can find the vinegar and that in and of itself is another hilarious story. Suffice it to say we just used all the pickle juice on poor Madeline then tossed her into a bubble bath to which I pretty much emptied the rest of my lavender essential oil. It’s good for welts and burns and stings ya know … It is also calming for someone who is stressed out.

After soaking in the tub for over an hour, Madeline finally gets out of the tub and comes out onto the porch where the rest of us are discussing the whole ridiculousness of the situation.

Turns out, the reason Madeline was in the forbidden area of the water in the first place was because dear SMIL sent her into the water after a sippy cup the 2yo had tossed into the bay. Madeline then had to swim the LONG way around a huge yacht in dock at the pier and swam through the stinging whatever it was.

We were laughing about where the vinegar had been actually found, when Madeline slowly wanders up and says she feels a lot better, “But, Aunt Jen, I smell like Lavender Pickles!.”

To which of course we all just burst into more laughter, and decided that that, really did sound like an interesting dish.

The next day … I stopped and got some lavender and bread and butter pickles and tried my hand at making some.

OMG … it was a hit. Once it was made, none of us could stop eating them. They were like CRACK. Before we knew it the ENTIRE jar was GONE! Not a single one left!

Later on we were continuing to laugh about 1. the whole fiasco the night before, but also 2. how well the family Adams had come together to take care of an emergency situation and 3. how well we were all handling it. IE: despite our misgivings, no one had killed anyone over any stupidity.

So we decided that from here on out … LAVENDER PICKLES were a must for every family get together!

They are as addicting as crack and as calming and valium! And who doesn’t need that at a family get together? LOL

In most families… The saying is when life hands you lemons make lemonade… In our family… It is… When you find yourself in a pickle, it’s time for lavender pickles.


Basically it is a bread and butter pickle recipe with about 1/4 cup lavender added.

If you are using premade pickles, you can turn them into lavender pickles.

Pour the juice from the jar of pickles into a cup or bowl and add the lavender flowers.
Bring it to a boil, and let steep for a few minutes as if you were making tea with it.
After steeping, add the juice and flowers back to the pickles, and shake well.
If you can leave them over night to steep in the lavender juice they are much better, but they are ready as soon as you have shaken everything together.

Lavender Pickles

Lavender Pickles