Types of Massages:

Relaxation Massage – Just a general massage routine to help a person relax without focus on specific needs on an individual person. Most often performed in spa settings where every massage is geared to be the same. In this situation, the client is assured they will get the SAME massage each and every time.

Therapeutic Massage – A massage that takes into consideration the individual needs of the person receiving massage according to the messages the body is sending with the end result being that knots and trigger points are lessened and stress is relieved.

Medical Massage – A massage that is more focused on specific medical issues instead of just specific muscle needs.
This type of massage generally requires a diagnosis from a doctor and may include written communication back and forth between therapist and doctor with the medical goal of improvement of the issue initiating the need for the visit.

Generally speaking, I do therapeutic massage vs relaxation massage. While I do offer medical massage, I don’t do medical massage, unless I have a diagnoses from the doctor and am in communication with the client and hopefully the client’s doctor to know exactly what goals are etc. But of course other therapists may have a different approach and definition.

I consider all my massages to be relaxing in the end, but they are not cookie cutter, same ole routine each and every time. Every massage I give, is completely customized to the needs of the client each and every time.