There were so many of them, I couldn’t just post them one of a time! Thanks for all your wonderful feedback!

One of my clients whom I have seen regularly for the last two years has been begging her husband to come see me. He kept telling her that he is glad she enjoys her massages, but he didn’t see what the big deal was. “A massage is a massage after all.” Well he finally came in to see me! He told me before he left that the massage was “The best massage he had ever received.” But what this so much better was that he went on to brag to his wife! LOL He told her that he had received PLENTY of massages before in his life, but never once had anyone been as thorough as I was. He had never had his hands, feet, or face worked on! He felt absolutely amazing, and finally understood what the big deal was. 


Now, I have to wonder, how can a therapist sell a Full Body Massage and leave out so many parts? There is a difference between Full Body and Full Hour, and they are not mutually inclusive of each other. 

Then there is the client who said she just moved to the Gulf Shores / Orange Beach area, and had been asking on Facebook for a good massage therapist in the area. She says I have a very loyal following in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores who repeatedly highly recommend me for my skills in pain relief and therapy, and frequently post that coming to see me is worth the drive from the beach! 

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Comments like this ASTOUND ME, absolutely make my day week! I am HONORED to know that so many of my clients think so highly of me! Every time I hear any kind of praise, it makes me happy, but to hear it second hand, and in such a way absolutely BLOWS MY MIND! THANK YOU! 

Last week, I had a client come in who was hesitant to say the least about allowing me to work on her feet, even though she had a voucher for a foot pampering service that was about to expire. I asked about her situation and after learning what it was that was bothering her, I assured her that NOT ONLY, would I not hurt her, that the technique I use is actually extremely beneficial for that particular issue. She came in yesterday for her foot work, and by the time she left, she was telling me she was kicking herself for waiting so long for the foot treatment! She was amazed at how well her feet felt and said she would be telling all her friends about me! THANK YOU!

I can not express enough how much these comments mean to me. Comments like these, and word of mouth referrals sharing YOUR experiences with your friends, family and acquaintances, mean so much more to me than any tip I have ever received!