I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this, or even every once in a while …

“I think I fell asleep, I heard myself snoring, but I was completely aware of everything thatbrain.jpeg was going on around me!”

How does that work?

Cue Biology lesson. 😀

Our brains operate on many different frequencies. Most people are aware of:

  • Alpha – Deep Relaxation
  • Beta – Wakeful Thinking
  • Delta – Deep Sleep

Two additional brain wave frequencies are Gamma – High Insightfulness and Theta – Creativity

Theta brain waves include REM and can happen during deep meditation or light sleep. It is only experienced momentarily in the shift between Alpha and Delta.

During this frequency, your mind is most in sync with it’s spiritual connection and this is where vivid visualizations, great inspiration, exceptional creativity and profound insights can be found. This is also the ONLY frequency in which the body can actually heal itself! At this frequency, you are conscious and fully aware of your surroundings, however your body is in a deep state of relaxation.

So for you to comment that you have achieved that state of mind during one of our sessions is a complement of highest regards. It means that, together we have assisted you into a total state of healing. (That does not mean poof you are healed!) It means that your body is at it’s optimum for repairing damage on its own.

Wanna see if you can get into that Theta Brain Wave Frequency? Book an appointment today!