Years ago, I had a chair massage gig in one of those Alphabet Soup Buildings. You know where there are offices for CIA, DEA, FBI, VA and who knows what other combinations of lettered organizations.

At one point, a pair of DEA Officers came up to get a chair massage. They waited patiently for their turn, but after the first guy stumbles up off of the chair, his partner laughs at him and loudly exclaims, “Dude! You look Drunk!” …
massage drunk
To which I quickly reply, please remember this when my clients leave my office, Massage Drunk is a thing!

Yes, Massage Drunk really is a thing! Actually, it is more like being Massage Stoned.

Here is the science behind it.

Massage improves our well being by stimulating the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain killers and mood elevators that engage the morphine receptors in our brain. Think Morphine and Xanax here …

Endorphins are hormones or brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, which transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. There are at least 20 types of endorphins in humans, and Massage stimulates the release of the ones that reduce stress, relieve pain and elevate mood.

On a side note, massage is excellent for people who are addicted to morphine like substances because it engages the morphine receptors without the need for chemicals and there is no risk of overdose.

So, yes, you really are Massage Drunk, or Massage High, or Massage Stoned. THIS is the reason I encourage all my clients to drink a glass of water before leaving. Drinking water physically pulls you back into awareness of your body and alleviates some of that Massage Drunk feeling.

Please drink the water, and if you do not have a friend to drive you home after a really good massage, drive safely! In this instance it is better to Drink and Drive, than to Drive Massage Drunk!