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A few weeks ago, I was watching the show Outlander and Claire was explaining how she used compartmentalizing to disassociate herself from her patients.

Elias asks Claire her secret for remaining calm in the face of so much death. She responds that she’s learned to compartmentalize — separate certain areas of her life so she can do her work. She explains that if she let herself be affected by every death, she’d never save a life.

During the show, I realized in that moment that even though I do not have to deal with life and death, I do the same thing during my massage sessions. It is really rather fascinating and I suppose we are either taught this at some point or we do it instinctively. Either way, I thought it would be something interesting to share and explain since I have been dwelling on the deepness of it since watching that show.

I try to do most of my intake in my waiting room so that I can focus on the massage and the individual in my session room. Once I pass through the threshold of where the massage will be held, it is my intent to leave the outside world behind. This is my first little compartment. When within the room, my client and I exist in our own little world. Nothing else matters in that moment. All of my focus is on that individual and their needs for the time being.

fibonacci sea shell

The next compartment is the individual, and then the body, and then the section of the body, and then the individual muscles and finally, especially with detail work, I might go so far as each individual knot, muscle fiber, scar etc. After I have addressed the issues in the tiniest necessary section, I back out gradually connecting everything back to the whole and finishing with the whole person, thanking them for the privilege of working on them and finally ending by asking them to get up slowly, taking their time before we meet again “on the other side” of the door in the waiting room. The last little space before we are bombarded by the real world again.

In my practice I often refer to the fact that I recognize the Fibonacci Sequence or the Golden Ratio frequently. This is another of those prime examples. The point being each compartment gets more and more detailed, more and more finite, more and more miniscule. I can not treat the whole body without treating parts, but at the same time I need to recognize that I have to treat the whole body not just individual parts for a holistic approach.

Someone challenged me recently with a statement that I could not, just not think of something important during a session and at that time I did not have the explanation of how in fact I could. I do it all the time. Through the practice of compartmentalization, we can actually set aside issues that do not pertain to the immediate situation. Yes, it takes practice. Truthfully, I believe it is key to the practice of living in the “now”, or being present, or being zen. It is an art that I suppose not everyone is adept in. Yeah, even I fail on occasion. I am human, after all. But having a word for it … I guess that just makes me happy.



stop-sexual-harassmentIn the past few days it has become very public the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in the massage industry, especially the large chains. As a licensed massage therapist, I have seen and participated in discussions about it and how to handle situations appropriately as they arise but as is the case in most industries, these discussions are usually kept behind closed doors.

Here’s the thing. So long as it is discussed behind closed doors, there will always be problems. It has to stop now. We have to discuss it. We have to change the way we accept or fight against things. We have to start calling people out who do it without thinking. You know those sexual slurs made about happy endings when they aren’t really meant? Guess what? That is adding to the problem. Some people don’t know that those are jokes and others take offense anyway. There is a fine line between political correctness and common curtesy to be sure. But if you just check yourself before saying it then the problem is nixed before it becomes real. If you see someone talking about inappropriateness in relation to massage therapy, STOP THEM.

There are always two sides to the sexual harassment issues in massage therapy, therapists get harassed and clients get harassed. Neither is OK!

NO MORE Therapists getting harassed and assaulted

As a professional and licensed massage therapist, I have it plastered everywhere, on intakes, on my website etc that I will absolutely not tolerate any sexual misconduct in my office pertaining to massage. My policy is as soon as misconduct is insinuated, session is immediately terminated, payment is due in full, and the miscreant is blacklisted from all future appointments. ZERO TOLERANCE – NO SECOND CHANCES There is also a contingency plan for escalation if that is necessary. Self Defense is not taken for granted. My most powerful weapon of course is my extremely jealous and PTSD suffering Prior Service Combat Tested Marine of a Husband. Fortunately, up to this point, I have not had to call on the use of that weapon. 😉

NO MORE Clients getting harassed and assaulted

Ok so where does that leave clients? Well, my office is a sanctuary, a safe place and it is strictly enforced. Every person who enters my office is treated with respect and will never be harassed sexually or otherwise. Should a client be receiving abuse or harassment otherwise, my space is a safe place to disclose this and together we will find a way to make it stop. It doesn’t matter if it is helping find a place to stay, a counselor, a lawyer, self-defense classes, law enforcement involvement or just an ear to listen. I will help where-ever I can.

Every client of mine is informed that if something needs to be adjusted during their time, to please speak up. I do not believe in no pain no gain. I will make the chances necessary for your comfort whether it is depth of pressure, change of technique, more or less heat. State of Alabama dictates draping laws, and I abide by those fully. I also cover which areas I will be addressing during intake and ask if there are any areas to be avoided. If you tell me you don’t want your feet, nose, ears, belly whatever touched then I am bound by your request and will honor it! Bottom line here is … if you are uncomfortable for ANY reason … STOP the therapist and have adjustments made, if adjustments can’t be made to your satisfaction it is OK to end the session immediately. Do NOT suffer through a service you are paying for if you are not happy with the service you are receiving.

There are creeps in every field. But I make this promise … there are no creeps in my office!

If you would like to book an appointment in a guaranteed safe place, please do so online 24/7 at

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  6. Harvest Moon Article – Client Bill of Rights


If you use gmail as your default email carrier, this applies to you.

Google has set up a new tab in your email box titled “Promotions.” and “Social” Rather than allowing Jen Adams LMT messages to go directly into your inbox, they are filtering some emails into this tab instead.

I want to be sure you never miss confirm booked appointments, reminders of your appointments, my monthly newsletter, a special promotion or any other message I may have for you in regards to massage therapy.

Below are the steps you need to take to ensure Jen Adams LMT emails from me, Full Slate, Mail Chimp, The Gift Card Cafe and any other important emails land exactly where you can see them when they are sent to you.

1. Open your email and click on the Promotions tab.

2. Look for  Jen Adams LMT emails from me, Full Slate, Mail Chimp, The Gift Card Cafe email in the “Promotions” tab and drag it to the tab titled “Primary”

3. A verification question will pop up asking if you want to do this for all future messages from  Jen Adams LMT emails from me, Full Slate, Mail Chimp, The Gift Card Cafe. Make sure you click “Yes.”

If you want to completely remove these new tabs, you can do that, as well.

Just go to the Settings box on the upper right corner of your inbox and select “Settings”. Click on the “Inbox” tab and deselect all the other categories. Click “Save” to keep these changes.

Don’t miss any important deals or announcements from Jen Adams LMT. Follow these steps and you will continue to receive all the information Jen Adams LMT sends.

Thank you, JenImage

New Rack Card

New Rack Card


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I do have a 24 hour cancellation policy. However during a storm situation this is waved for call-ins. Please call and let me know if you think that the weather is too bad for you to get out and come see me.

If you noshow without at least 15 minutes notice during a storm, you will be invoiced for the full amount of the session even if you have booked the massage using a gift certificate or a groupon.

If you do call and let me know you can’t make it due to a storm, you can always rebook immediately.

Thanks for understanding!

New for the Month of May …. Mojito Madness Massage!

This heavenly Lime, Mint and honey/turbinado sugar scrub will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, ultra hydrated and super energized. Finish the massage off with a nice peppermint/lime tea for refreshment.


Exfoliates and smoothes skin with local honey/turbinado raw sugar and essential oils

Leaves your skin feeling soft with a natural glow
Is gentle enough for all skin types.

Vegan, NO Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral Oil or artificial color.

Add to ANY other service for only $10! (After May it will be $25)

Mojito Madness

Mojito Madness

Pulled off a miracle tonight… I had a couples massage booked and the LMT I was scheduled to work with NO-SHOWED NO-CALLED!!!! I gave the clients the options 1. Let me work on both of them over two hours. They could be in the same room on different tables but I would work 30 minutes on one, then the other vice versa and they would get their full hour each. or 2. Rebook with an upgrade at a later date. … They chose option 1 and were both very pleased with the massage. *WHEW CATASTROPHE AVERTED!* What would you have done in the same situation?

So far the ONLY complaint that I have had about the Sea Shell Massage is that they were so blissed out afterwards they didn’t want to drive!!! LOL I think that is what you call a HIT. 

Sea Shell Massage $90 (60 min)
Using an assortment of various sea shells, this style of massage taps into the energy of the shells while giving a deep and calming massage. The shells are used in a mix of ways. Some are heated and used with aromatherapy oils. The shells are used both to relax and for deeper tissue work. Smaller more delicate shells are used at room temperature to release lines in the face, others are used as tools to unlock tension in the neck and shoulders.

Sea Shell Massage

Sea Shell Massage