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Step into my office and allow me the chance to help you find peace and melt your stress away. Take a moment to enjoy the subtle fragrance of delicate layers of essential oils used in previous sessions. Nothing overpowering, only a hint a healthy aromatherapy.

Allow the dimness of the room to quiet the brightness of stress in your life and the coziness of my office to embrace you in an affectionate hug that lets you know “It is OK to let go of everything that is hindering you”. You can just make out the hum of an air filter drowning out other noise behind the soft music in the background. The music is melodic and dreamlike encouraging you to give in to the rhythms with your breath and heartbeat which seem to slow down and match the gentle pulse.

Tell me what is bothering you and let me work my magic. Maybe it is pain, or maybe it is inability to move the way you used to. Maybe it is emotional or mental, and not just physical. Whatever it is, know that it is ok to let it go, even if it is just for the time you are in my office. This is an office of sacred safe space. No judgement here. No stress. No anxiety. Only peace, tranquility, quiet, slowness.

For just a brief moment, I leave you in peace to soak it all in and to remove yourself from the everyday bustle of life. In the corner is a chair, a hanger, and a shelf for you to place your belongings. As you prepare yourself for your massage, please remember to remove all things that will hinder you from receiving the highest and most beneficial treatment that will allow your body to heal on all levels. This includes clothing and jewelry as well as thoughts. Take a moment to unplug, turn off the ringer on your phone. In this hour there is nothing that is so important that it can not wait for just a little while. Allow yourself to fully enjoy this time for the moment of healing it can be. You deserve this moment. You need this moment.

Carefully, tuck yourself onto the freshly cleaned, cloud-like linens embracing the massage table, allow the sheets and blankets to enclose your body and settle in around you. The gentle warmth of the table entices you into a state of relaxation before I even make my way into the room. You lay face down with your head supported in the soft memory foam face-cradle that allows you to breathe freely, anticipating the massage to come.

Stay tuned for part 2!
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This is a topic that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while as it comes up more often than I ever would have imagined. I don’t know if it is a cultural thing or what but it boggles my mind to hear of how many people do not touch themselves! I’m not talking about in a sexual fashion. I’m talking about knowing your body and exploring it with touch. I kind of think it is outstandingly odd that in an area where hugging strangers is the norm, but touching yourself is taboo. (Why is that?)

Now that I am doing scar release therapy, I am learning that for some reason people just don’t touch themselves, ESPECIALLY when scars are involved, but also for many other reasons. After I have worked on an area that was full of scar tissue, I will check in and ask “How does this feel? Does it feel better?” and it always shocks me to hear “I don’t know, I don’t really touch myself there.”

Touch is one of the first steps in healing from a traumatic event. It is a way of communicating with your body that what has happened is ok, and you have survived and continue to live on.
Touch is one of the first means of communication when it comes to discovering something is not right in your body. Finding those lumps, bumps, bruises, cysts, lesions, moles, bites, etc.

If you can’t identify what is healthy and supposed to be, how can you hope to identify when something is not right?

So, I plead with you! Touch yourself. Explore your body with your hands. Get to know what is supposed to be there. If you find something that feels off. Catalog it. Watch it. Get a second opinion. Watch for change. Watch for improvement or worsening.

There are some places you can’t see because of where it may be located. If you have a significant other … psssst … it’s ok to ask them to take a look at it! If you don’t … your doctor should have no issue checking it out for you.

I get it. I really do. When my first weird lump came up, the first person I turned to was my massage therapist. “Hey can you feel this and tell me if it feels normal to you?” She looked at me like I had three heads! I should have known what normal felt like, but I was just as guilty as the next person. I did go to the doctor and have it looked at, and it did turn out to be nothing.

Now, as a massage therapist, if I see or feel something while working on you, I promise you, I will point it out to you. I will describe it to you just how I feel it to be. But … I do not touch every part of your body. I’m actually precluded by law in touching some parts AND as a massage therapist, I’m not allowed to diagnose, so I will not do that. I can say, “Hey, I this feels a bit odd, what do you think? or You might wanna have this checked out.” But if you do find something odd, and ask me to look at it I can not say “That looks like cancer.” If it looks suspicious (not even talking cancer here … rashes, infections, or anything that isn’t “right”)…, I will say with strong conviction that you should have it checked by your doctor.

You really should be touching every part of your body every time you bathe anyway, how else can you ensure it is clean?

So, even though it is my job to touch people, and I do point things out to to people on a daily basis about their bodies. It is your body first, you should be more familiar with it than I am. It breaks my heart to hear things like … I haven’t touched that area with my hands since the accident/surgery etc. Please … touch yourself. It’s ok. It really is the first step in healing.
Nothing is so healing as human touch.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this, or even every once in a while …

“I think I fell asleep, I heard myself snoring, but I was completely aware of everything thatbrain.jpeg was going on around me!”

How does that work?

Cue Biology lesson. 😀

Our brains operate on many different frequencies. Most people are aware of:

  • Alpha – Deep Relaxation
  • Beta – Wakeful Thinking
  • Delta – Deep Sleep

Two additional brain wave frequencies are Gamma – High Insightfulness and Theta – Creativity

Theta brain waves include REM and can happen during deep meditation or light sleep. It is only experienced momentarily in the shift between Alpha and Delta.

During this frequency, your mind is most in sync with it’s spiritual connection and this is where vivid visualizations, great inspiration, exceptional creativity and profound insights can be found. This is also the ONLY frequency in which the body can actually heal itself! At this frequency, you are conscious and fully aware of your surroundings, however your body is in a deep state of relaxation.

So for you to comment that you have achieved that state of mind during one of our sessions is a complement of highest regards. It means that, together we have assisted you into a total state of healing. (That does not mean poof you are healed!) It means that your body is at it’s optimum for repairing damage on its own.

Wanna see if you can get into that Theta Brain Wave Frequency? Book an appointment today! 


In recent years, the public health problem of substance abuse has reached an unprecedented, yet unsurprising, high. Doctors are prescribing pain pills and muscle relaxants without first considering natural modalities.

Many of the conditions these pills are prescribed for could easily be reduced or even eliminated if massage therapy was prescribed instead. Since it is not, we are back to dealing with the issue at hand, substance abuse.

Now that holistic medicine has become more widely accepted, more doctors and patients are seeking massage and alternative methods for substance abuse treatment.

Massage has been used since ancient times as a method of healing many different “dis-eases” including substance abuse.

Massage promotes a chemical change in the brain that allows for healing and relaxation.

During the withdrawal process, and even into early recovery, the brain’s ability to secrete the hormone dopamine is lowered. Dopamine is the chemical messenger responsible for making us feel good when we are doing something we enjoy.

In 1998, the Touch Research Institute found that a regular massage produced long time results of increasing dopamine levels.

Since massage naturally increases dopamine levels and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, it is the naturally perfect addition to any standard detoxification program.

Healing the neurochemistry of an addict takes time. Massage treatments immediately following the detoxification phase are extremely important.

When a person relies on substances to feel good, his or her body stops making its own ‘feel good chemicals’ or endorphins.

First discovered in 1975, endorphins or Endogenous Morphine (The body’s natural morphine created by the body itself) is only one of the several morphine like opioids discovered in our brains.

When a person quits abusing a substance that has been making them feel good, it takes time for the body to start creating its own endorphins again. During this time, the person is very vulnerable falling back into old habits.

The publication, General Pharmacology, reported back in 1989 that massage therapy increased the amount of beta-endorphins by as much as 16%. Beta-endorphins are neurotransmitters found in the neurons of both the central and peripheral nervous system as a natural pain suppressants.

The release of endorphins and beta-endorphins during massage allows the recipient to feel normal even without the aid of drugs. This can be powerful and life changing for many.


During massage, circulation is increased which encourages the body to naturally detoxify. Stress and tension is reduced making it easier for the body to release its hold on chemicals stuck in the soft tissues.


During massage a person learns to identify and manage triggers that cause them to want to escape. Regular massage aids in awareness of the person’s own body including where and when tension exists. Emotional releases are common with massage and are considered safe and non-threatening opportunity to begin to process long buried emotions, memories and traumas.


During a massage a person is introduced to the still inner place of peace and healing within themselves. Being grounded and centered allows the person to face the world with the knowledge that they can be anchored and present, as well as substance free.

Massage is one of the very few ways to affect the body mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is truly a holistic form of healing. Healing on so many levels can be an amazing life experience for anyone.